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I have a boyfriend that I don't have sex with. I love him and care about him as I do my other partners, but having sex would cause many issues for us that we are not wanting to have to deal with. We decided that it would be best to figure out other ways to find intimacy. We have done a good job so far and are content with what we have.

I suggest that you look for sex elsewhere and keep them both as good friends...

I am not so sure mono folk would get the intimacy without sex thing as it really is close to being together. I can't imagine a mono partner being okay with there partner having a friend that is that close, but I am not mono, so what do I know. Mono, my SO, gets it and he is mono, but I don't know if it is a popular choice in monoland. If you see what I mean.

I think I might let them know that you are moving on to other choices of women because you don't want to hurt them by getting sexually and emotionally involved, but that you are really keen to be close friends.
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