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Default It's nearly christmas!

I just had to be different to everyone putting "hello" or "hi [smiley face here]". =P I'm Ciaran! I live in the city of Leeds in England, which has quite a large base for gay/bisexual people, but I've seen nothing on polyamorists. I'm very new to this term actually and only began reading into it because it was something I needed to know more about. Recently came out of a relationship and it seemed like a good idea too. Always been poly, but never questioned mono relationships. It was just normal for everyone else. So I've never been with more than 1 person but always had love for many.

I am a musician, just for a change of topic. I play bass as my main instrument and Metal as my main genre. I also love Trance and Ambient music, which most people wouldn't guess by looking at me. I want to take myself back to college to do Film and Photography [previously studied Popular Music] and take my career from there.

I think that's fine for an intro. I hope that I get to know this site well over [hopefully] the years and develop some great friendships. See you in the real threads!

- Ciaran.
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