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Originally Posted by NorCalK View Post
We got into a fight because he brought up yet another instance in which he feels like he needs MORE attention. The fact that it was closely related to the sex act itself, which he always insists he needs more attention during, really set us off. He is constantly saying during sex "Can someone touch me? Can someone grab my penis?, etc." IF he's not being touched. And believe me, my gf and I make an effort to always have his genitals in the action. It is frustrating to us because there is plenty of times when our genitals are not involved during sex but we don't complain and still have fun. He was even saying at one point that if he's "not hard, it's not fun". PolyTriad, I wish my boyfriend could have a man-to-man with you so that he gets his preconceived notion that ALL guys feel the same as him out of his head. I was under the belief until I met him that guys are not always hard during foreplay, and that's okay. I would really like him to think of ways he could change his love-making style to more sensual rather than penis-oriented. As I suspected, he rarely, if ever, goes down on his gf without needing simultaneous reciprocation (69ing). Yet if we are all having sex and one of us girls is going down on him we don't insist on 69. Most of the time, the other girlfriend gets down there and helps her out with the BJ! He just has this mindset about sex that is radically different for us and, quite frankly, I interpret it as somewhat selfish.
Wow...I'm so opposite! I'd love to talk to him. Doesn't he understand how fortunate he is to not only have one woman willing to put up with that but 2 He wouldn't survive with Wifey and Nik.

I need peach in my mouth as much as I can ladies have to put me in weird positions to get at my snickers while I'm down on one of them....I can care less about my pleasure because I'm focused on theirs I'd like to think they are thinking about mine (I know they are)...but It doesnt matter I can achieve orgasm just from eating a peach matter of fact I get them both naked and go back and forth between both of them all night and keep my cloths on...I do this often until they are exhausted into sleep. When they want to "hungry? Grab a Snickers" One of them in most cases ends up sitting on my face while the other enjoys her snack. But I'm a giver very much selfless in bed

@Danny I agree that naturally works best! Sleeping in the same bed helps or cuddling on the couch.
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