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Default Sex in a triad... Is every party always present?

So I am involved in a three-way relationship with a couple that has been together for six years. All of us have been dating for four months. Last night we had a perfectly awful argument that I may vent about on here in the future, but the catalyst for said argument was that my boyfriend complained that he didn't like how sex is initiated between all three of us the majority of the time. This is the scenario: usually when I am over at their house, me and my girlfriend are on the bed watching TV and/or on our laptops, reading, studying, doing origami... whatever. Our boyfriend is sitting at a chair in front of the computer playing video games or whatever. Often I initiate sex with her (kissing, touching, etc.) and then we ask our boyfriend to come join us. He complained that he wanted to be the other party gets initiated sexually more of the time, which sent me and her into a tizzy initially because a) he is always on the computer, obviously the closer physical proximity between me and her would make us naturally turn to each other first, and b) he definitely mandates more attention during sex than either of us, almost always needing his genitals touched. So this bring up my question for all of you who have ever been in a triad... Does having three-way sex as the primary sexual interaction in the relationship work? Or would it be worthwhile to perhaps work out some kind of schedule in which in addition to the sex my gf and bf have when I am not over, since they live together, we work out some schedule in which I can have sex with him separately at some point, I can have sex with her separately at some point, and we still have sex all together but less frequently? Please help! Advice needed.
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