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Last night RP and I went to a Poly Panel organized and chaired by several members of our community at a local university. There was a large crowd and those on the panel did an excellent job of handling many different questions put to them There was good energty in the room and I think people felt genuinely connected in some way. One woman was having a very difficult time with her husband coming out to her as poly. Redpepper made a great effort to support her with information and offering to talk to her privately or have us all meet. It felt good to give some one support and be able to see them and touch them.

After the panel we went out for a bit of socializing with the attendees and panel members. I got to have a nice chat with Geminigirl (one of the panel members) and Redpepper caught up with a friend who we don't see enough of. We met some new people with long histories of poly.

All in all it was a good night...although Derby couldn't stay long time!

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