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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Sounds like you got a real smart girl there RP.

And I'd have to agree with's something I see far too often in lovely self-less people...that they go too far taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves. The rub of course is that eventually they wear down and have nothing left for others because of it. Vicious little catch-22.
THANK YOU FOR WRITING THAT IMAGINARY!!!! That is one of the TRUEST and most heartfelt quotes I EVER read! And what Redpepper said about taking care of others being a way to take care of yourself true. Just want to say a balance is MUCH needed FlameKat.

I've seen what being too selfless can to over time - short term AND long term. So take the time and do what it takes to figure it out. You can't do much else until then effectively.
I wish you the best. Thanks everybody cuz i'm learning too!
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