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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
you are the foundation of this incredible thing we are building.
Ha! it is my foundation, but really more and more we are becoming a team and building a beautiful house!

I had a dream this week about a house I often dream of. It is very old and huge, with many wings and rooms, passage ways and courtyards. I am fearful sometimes in my dream, but also have been happy and just content to exist in it.

This particular dream was different in that parts of the house were getting too old and the wood was rotting. I was worried and didn't know what to do to hold it together, no amount of work would fix it up again. My husband, son and Mono were all with me and there were others mingling in the background as I showed them what was going on. Mono found a door suddenly and said, "hey! look at this!" He opened it and let me through, I stepped into a brand new house with all three of them following. We immediately looked around, my boy running from room to room playing. Within seconds we were all settled and had left the old house behind.

I am indeed the foundation my love, but you have introduced us all to something totally new with your continued and endless love strength. You are helping us build a new house, together as a team! One that was meant for all of us. That is all so right love.

I love you more
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