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Ha! I love the play by play! its awesome!

I had a lover a few years ago that had the same issue. He and I decided to build a relationship first and low and behold! No connection, no hard cock. I'm talking connection like what comes with knowing someone for longer than a few days. The kind that builds from experiencing each other; figuring out what makes someone tick. Not, this chic is hot and talks how I like.

In my experience, the relationships I have had that have been sexual too early have also ended early. No problem with that, but if you are looking for something long term it might be something to consider. Slow down maybe, get to know each other, let the horniness build. That can be really fun! Set a date a month from now to try again or something; that and add lots of dates in between of a non-sexual nature. I sometimes think a little holding back is a good idea, often other partners with boundary issues can help that as they quite often object to rushed sex, but in this case your partner doesn't seem to mind. Too bad, that could of been helpful.
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