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There is nothing wrong with a Vee I think. Often triads turn into Vee's. It's not likely everyones feelings stay the same for one another or grow evenly in triads and its a common occurance to have the pace between partners travel at different times.

I would not suggest moving closer. It does seem like its invasive and too close considering the circumstance. It seems pushy and self centred to me. I think this opportunity if not yours really if you want to be respectful and stay friends with them.

It sounds like all of you need to discuss where to go from here; boundary setting, some honest, open and respectful communication and some compassion from eveyone could go along way.

I would also suggest doing a search on here for *triads* and *vees* could be useful. There are a lot of good threads others have written along the way on just this type of dynamic.
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