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I agree that living in the moment is important, especially if you are to enjoy yourself, but one needs to live every moment with the end result in mind. Perhaps there is something that is left un-answered for you, or that you feel unsure about. When Mono wrote the thread he did about this some time ago he was trying to live in the moment because of un-communicated issues that I had to drag out of him. He had misunderstood, or didn't understand something and instead of voicing it, bottled it and got scared and paranoid, which lead to his living in the moment and not thinking about the future. Once it was all out in the open there was a huge shift and we all enjoyed the moment much more because we were all thinking about our continued happiness and future building.

I'm not saying that this is the case for you, but worth thinking about maybe???

If it isn't I totally know what you mean... although I don't think about bad stuff coming up, more like, "how could this possibly feel so natural and right???!!! how could I possibly be in this situation and feel so at home and whole???!!!"
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