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Hi! There you are! I've been thinking and praying for you for months, wondering what how you were, how your situation was developing, looking for updates on the other thread you started. How could I have been missing your blog all this time?

It looks like you're continuing to find your way with integrity and inner strength. I am so happy for you on that count, and proud of you too. And I know you're heart is broken. This is just so hard, for everyone.

Look, I only have a moment, and haven't had time to read the whole blog, so I'm going to make this quick:
If you have reason to believe Bob is a danger to himself or others, call for help. A family member, a friend who is close enough to physically go check up on him, somebody. I'm not a big fan of 911 in these situations, but I would do that, even, before I'd run the risk of someone I love harming themselves over me.
I've got to go. Everything else will have to wait. There's so much more I'd like to say to you. Just know that you are loved.
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