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I would suggest looking at your relationship towards men and what it is specifically that you have an issue with. Not for her, but for you. For your own growth.

If you didn't agree to this then its time to sit down and talk about boundaries again. What do you feel comfortable with? What would help her not feel guilty? What is she looking for specifically that the two of you could work on in your relationship? Where is the boundary line and how much do you feel both of you can move it?

Its all fluid and movable, but sometimes that takes time and patience and she needs to be patient.

In my relationships, I don't have the option of sexual relationships outside of my tribe with men, women I do. Men I can be intimate with but not involve sex. I have a boyfriend that I am not sexual with and two men that I am. I have a girl friend and the possiblility of other opportunities with men and women also in kink way.

My boundary agreements didn't come out of no where. They were discussed at length and always open for more discussion if they need adjusting because they aren't working for one of us. No one should feel uncomfortable and everyone should eventually feel safe and secure in what they have going on. That has worked for us anyways.
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