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Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
Also Wifey needs communication in the "stay in touch" realm like text throughout the day...How are you type of stuff..this is also what she means in regarding communication between her and SlikkNikk...SlikkNikk is not accustom to staying in contact all day but it is important to wifey...
Let me just say, that both my husband and I SUCK at effective communication - at least between the two of us. We are currently in counceling and finally (after 19 years) learning how to communicate to each other.

I also need the texts during the day, but dh usually forgets. I have found that to jump start things, I have to make the first move and text him first. Usually just an "I miss you" or "Thinking of you". That will start some back and forth between us and the next day he might send the first text.

If it is something we need, as hard as it is, we might have to initiate it until the other person has made it a habit or gets used to idea, especially if it's not something they need in return. It can turn into a viscious circle, both parties stewing because the other hasn't done something. Until someone has the guts to make the first move everyone is in a stalemate of hurt feelings and resentment.
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