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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Wifey has already admitted that there is a breakdown in communications. Just because one person is talking, doesn't mean anyone else is listening or understanding. Personally, when I try and communicate and my husband starts to get defensive, I throw up my hands and stop trying, because what's the point he has stopped listening.
IE "Type" "quality" and the listeners ability to not only hear but understand without shutting down. We have had conversations that ended badly and then had the same conversation with different tone and manner which put the listener in a more receptive mind which are all key elements to successful communication...This has just happend to us yesterday...well between Wifey and SlikkNikk....

Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
There you have it. There is the disconnect.
She his referring to the action after the conversation or the receptiveness of all parties during said communication. Maybe a "How to communicate successfully guide would be useful" Also Wifey needs communication in the "stay in touch" realm like text throughout the day...How are you type of stuff..this is also what she means in regarding communication between her and SlikkNikk...SlikkNikk is not accustom to staying in contact all day but it is important to wifey...

Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Sometimes people think that communication is "successful" ONLY if it leads to the outcome THEY want.

Ever heard of the saying, "God answers all prayers; sometimes the answer is "No""?
I would pull to agree with this in most cases however with us its more about having a clear understanding of what the other is trying to express and the correct way to take it...whatever that is...Successful in the terms of communication IMO is about making sure your listener understands you...
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