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Hi I am new to this and although not all members see us as being poly I see some dynamics that say we are.

I am married to a wonderful man, who introduced me to the world of swingers, from that world we met another couple who are married and have been together for almost a full year exclusive wow.

It is an interesting dynamic because I am attracted to the male in the other couple and she is attracted to my husband and we occasionally play as MFF or MFMF or MMF but never MM.

They are a part of my life now, where it is unusual for us to go a day without communication of some sort. Us girls are Best Friends, but still the jealously issue comes up where one of us feels pushed aside from my husband. We recently found out that the reason he pushes her aside is because he is afraid to hurt me, instead of communicating with me. This causes her to be mad at me because in the relationship it seems like I get everything from both guys.

Where can we find more information and find out for ourselves how to grow and not tank this relationship.

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