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Default big decisions!

Hi everyone,

i've been a poly(wog?) for 3 months. Quite a roller-coaster! I could use some advice. you might find my story jaw-dropping: i do!
It started when a female friend of 2 years told me that IF she ever had a female lover, it would be me. I already loved her so i was so happy - didn' hear the 'if' part. She told me that eventually her husband would want to join us. I thought she meant, like in 3 months or something. No, she meant like in 3 hours... But I was okay with that. Thrilled to be with her, okay to be with him...

Immeditely it turned out that she and I were very sweet together, sexually, but he and I were like *fireworks*. I love both ways. We have made love me with her, me with him, and all three of us together, for the 3 months we've been together. Lucky me!

I live 3 hours away so I see them every 2nd weekend. By and by several things happened; she was jealous of his NRE for me; she travelled far away, twice, and became sexually involved with an old flame (male) - she has NRE for me; maybe becaue of jealousy or maybe just because of me, her feelings for me changed. She's not sure she wants to see me any more and, since she is ambivalent about me, I feel the same about her. (Friendship mostly intact). He still wants to see me asap. I did not to agree to a V formation. i miss her. I don't know how I can see him without hurtng her. So I seek your advice on this - do I see just him? I want to go bacl to a trio but she says she can't. And she has/had 3 of us at the same time.

MEANWHILE I have a great opp to move intot he hosue beside them for 2 years. He: probably thrilled beyond belief. She: feels like I am invading? But it is a great opp for me at this point in my life. Do i turn it down just because I slept with them (at their invitation) and it is a bit wobbly right now?

I lvoe them both and must preserve our friendship/previous relationship. (We are involved in important community work together). Thank you!
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