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Originally Posted by Elocutionist View Post
I've lost friends, my job (and subsequently my home), and family over my wife and I being openly poly, I wish it was just some choice that I could just sweep under the rug like other choices I could make in my life. But it is who my wife and I are. We feel natural this way.
I'm so sorry for this! wow! that is really aweful!
Is there anything you would of done differently?
I have told my co-workers and friends... some of whom have made themselves scarce as a result, but I am going with that they are busy and don't want to interrupt... naive maybe, but handlable.

Mono, my other primary is not known to my parents and my husbands who lives down the street and we occasionally grapple with the idea of telling them. Mono has become a fixture on our lives and although it has got them all thinking, they like him a lot and are getting used to his presence. Is it worth telling them? I don't know. I think they will just find out one day and we will have to say something. We need to sit and discuss what we would say I think, and how much.
Any ideas on approaches that might work?
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