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This weekend, Redpepper, her husband and I went to a potluck/party hosted by one of her co-workers. This was very important to me as I often visit Redpepper at work and I know they are always wondering if things are really "ok" with her husband and me.

Anyone who sees us clearly knows we both love her and are, ourselves, very close. We don't just accept each other, we care for each other. I love them both and have a need for people to see that I am not hurting him. We have been bonding more and more and are settling into just being together and not feeling like it is a host/guest dynamic when we are at their house.

Her husband made breakfast this morning after I spent the night, and as he and Redpepper ate theirs, I idly chatted while tidying up the kitchen. Every one was normal, natural, and completely at ease.

People who know us are finally starting to see and accept that we are more a family unit than a couple and their welcomed addition.

Through having people witness our relationship in everyday situations, I feel all of us moving forward and gaining confidence through our own internal normalization. I think each of us pause sometimes and realizes that this truly is real. We actually have to remind ourselves sometimes that this is not the societal norm because to us it simply is. When you reach that point it is hard to figure out what the big deal is for other people and we end up looking back with more puzzlement than those looking at us.

Thanks again Lilo…never forget how special you are and how you are the foundation of this incredible thing we are building. Our shared love is what holds us together but it is your bravery in taking a chance with this mono cracker that has given me a gift I can never repay regardless of what our future holds. You can bet I will try though…that is in my nature as much as loving you with everything I have is. I love you

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