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You guys are silly :P
Thanks for the laugh though, I needed that

I've had a talk with my bf after leaving the issue alone for a couple months and he's much calmer about it now. No anger or hurt, just talking about the practicalities of it. He would like to see how he feels after I actually do anything, kind of hard to judge a "hypothetical" situation. He's mainly worried that I'm going to get used or hurt somehow. I assured him that I wasn't going bar hopping, that my intention was to explore with people I trusted.
I liked his expectation that I must report back to him with what I learned
As this is very much about learning for me.

Thank you so much for all the support. It seems that whenever I voice something on the forums, the support and advice I receive gives me the resolve and confidence to voice things in person. That has been invaluable to me and I truly do appreciate it <3
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