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Default Travel, travel

I'm away from my babe because of business travel. Sucks because I had just spent a week away (not physically but mentally/emotionally) from him as I awaited the outcome of our relationship. A week into it and ... I'm away from him (physically) again. The bummer is, not only am I away from him all of this week, I will be away from him next week as well (unless I manage to see him when I fly back in Wednesday night for the holiday) and I will be away from him the week after all due to business travel. I worry a bit because the whole point of my existence in his life is to keep him occupied since his wife can't do it due to the pursuit of her personal goals right now. I know my absence is infrequent but, still, there are times when I will be away for work, somewhat, spontaneously for any given length of time. I think it's still new enough for me to be replaced because of something like that...
Maybe I just think too much...

Aside from that ... my night is ... eh ... There is something going on so there is a lot of freakin' noise in the hotel now so I don't know how well I am going to sleep. I can't deal with loud banging, stomping, etc. I already had to fight off a migraine earlier today due to the lack of food in my system, extra hot areas, and irritations.

Well, let me try to get to sleep so I can get up at 5a for, what will hopefully be, a very productive day.
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