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Originally Posted by zyx5 View Post
One thing we have observed recently is how socially acceptable it is for a spouse to cheat on their wife/husband. You hear about it almost everyday in the news, at work, church, or other social circles. But allowing and being full aware your spouse have a relationship, intimate, friendly or otherwise with another person is so taboo. Why is that?
I think people are just comfortable with the idea. They understand the implications and the social norms. So pretty much what JRiverMartin said. It is hard for people to challenge their assertions about behavior.

One last question, if TK's wife does not know about this, and he is afraid to bring it up, then does that mean we are not polyamorous? Do we not belong?
Well, by definition, polyamory just means "many loves." It is usually further refined to consenting relationships amone adults with full knowledge and consent of all involved. However, maybe that is the goal. Many people get into polyamory after an affair or think an affair is the only way to deal with their feelings of love for another. I think many polyamory people have made mistakes along the way.

Maybe it means you and your wife are poly, but her boyfriend is not?
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