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Arg...I just want to rant on and on. Must be my hormones again.

Sometimes it just helps getting stuff out. I don't blog and my dh hates the 'I want to talk about my feelings' convo's. Sometimes I think I want poly so bad because I miss emotionally unloading on a close lover/friend.

Well our first weekend hunting was prosperous, Julio had dropped a hint to a girlfriend of mine that he'd (and I quote) 'rather have her to himself Saturday night...wink' as a clear signal to invite her home with us. It back fired, I don't know how. She almost didn't show up to the bar on Saturday, and then when she did she had two strangers in tow, one she immediately announced, she had just had sex with. Julio and I completely ruled out any fun with her after that comment. But then she started working her own angle. She asked me if we were gonna party at our house, I answered with, 'you and your guy friend are invited' and she said, 'Oh, him, he's leaving' like she wanted to get rid of him and come home with us. The rest of the night she dropped sexual suggestion and kept on about leaving with us. My best friend, Ellen (lesbian) pulled me aside and said the girl had called her earlier in the week and freaked out about Julio's comment, she made Ellen promise to be there the whole night. By the time we got back to our house this girl had managed to bring a whole slew of people back with her. It was weird. I told Julio, that I thought she was acting really unstable and sending too many mixed signals. I said no matter what I don't want to consider opening our relationship up to her any longer.

But while this was all going on, Julio managed to connect with another girlfriend of mine who was out that night with us, I'll call her Haylee. She is absolutely gorgeous, in her mid thirties and really level headed. He just put it out on the table that he and I were interested in taking her home and she jumped all over the idea. When the conversation was over (they talked privately about it for a good half hour) she said, "So should I be waiting for a phone call to set this up" he said we don't know exactly and just let it happen naturally, so she said she would pull me aside and talk to me about it the next time her and I were together. I'll keep you up dated on how things progress....

In other news, I'm still in contact with a local poly couple we met online, but the more we talk the more I realize scheduling will be the biggest obstacle. Right now I think Julio and I are just going to focus on getting our feet wet. There is a whole big poly world out there and I think it might be too overwhelming to jump in head first. After we have our first threesome, I'd like to just step back and have a good idea of how we feel before going further. I'm in no rush here, a unicorn is a big personal and emotional investment!

whew...I'm starting to feel better already, school has me so stressed right now. Taking a break and updating this post is helping me calm down. Thanks for listening.
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