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Default completely frustrated

I'm not sure how much of my story I've told so I'll do a brief synopsis:

I've been married now for 10 years, I have one 6 year old. I have been with my husband since I was 14 with the exception of 1 6 month breakup where i met 2 exes. Anyway, almost 3 years ago, i met a lady and realized I have same sex attractions and consider myself bisexual although I've never been with a woman intimately (most would consider this bicurious, i guess...but whatever i HATE labels anyway) In doing my research for the bisexual and queer (how i usually identify) lifestyle, I stumbled onto polyamory. I read up on it and I agree with the "core principles" of polyamory (as i see it): (the ability to love more than one person, the ability to have multiple meaningful relationships, to be open and honest with your partner without cheating or deceiving them, communication is the key to all relationships, etc)

I've been out as poly for almost a year and out as a queer (bi) for over 2 years yet I have not have so much as a meaningful personal friendship! I don't understand. everyone on all the boards I belong too are highly supportive, there are a lot of us, but NONE in my area.??!! I joined a meetup group and its over 2 hours away!!! (one way) am I the only one faced with this? I did speak to one lady but she just wanted casual sex. I have nothing against anything anyone wants to do in their life, but casual sex is a no for me. (she was married) a friend mentioned its because my criteria is high most people dont fall in my category: married, bi, woman, preferably with at least one child SOMEWHAT near my age!!! I would eventually get to a point with this special person where she meets my husband and daughter, we (her family included: husband, child(ren) will get to know each other...etc.

I tried to be brief, lol. I'm just getting frustrated because it seems like there's nothing out there for me.. am i the only one to experience this or feel this way?
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