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Originally Posted by polyshyguy View Post
Well, she usually works at the checkout so I don't think they help people find stuff, but if I could catch her at the photo lab where she sometimes is, and I happen to have some photo-related needs with me, that might work. I don't want this to sound like I'm scheming, and if she's shows signs she's not interested I'll back off right away, but you're right. I'll throw some photos on a thumb drive, and next time I see her at the photo area, I'll try to make some more in-depth chit-chat.
Well, the purpose isn't to actually figure out what to buy, but to start the conversation and really, don't think too much on what you say, but how you say it. Treat her as a friend, and don't put too much expectation on the outcome, just relax You like her because she is cool and maybe an interesting person and go with the purpose to see if she is still cool and interesting once you talk to her. Ger her email or phone number and then you can start planning the next move.
I get nervous talking to people, especially those ones I like, but hey, what is really the worst thing that can happen? she would just say "no", no biggie
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