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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
New2poly, it's not unheard of for a woman to be w a gay man. He might be somewhat bi, and just hasnt come to terms with it. Or he might be so in love with you he realizes that your small cock (clit) is not an issue. IMO, all plumbing is the same, women just have tiny cocks, and men have their ovaries hanging outside their bodies.
I'm gonna hang a limb here and say he is bi, he was bi until women hurt him so badly that he decided to be gay. He wasn't "man enough" for most women and I suspect he had cross dressing issues that women don't usually accept. Of course, this is only what I glean from conversations that we have had. One of these days I do plan to sit and discuss it with him.

Tonight however, I have the tequila, he has the margarita mix and he's on his way here by himself. The last two days he's been in an incredibly good mood... so I'm a little bit scared of what this might mean. LOL Of course it could mean he just wants to have a drink. I'm going to be careful how much I drink, because dis-inhibition might not be the best idea. Mostly because I might say things he's not ready to hear.

Go cautiously tho, looking for a "trannie." Many transwomen who are pre-op have a lot of issues around having a cock and wish they had vaginas. Some don't even like to be touched down there. MY gf is MtF trans, and goes thru some mental gymnastics to be able to have sex. We still do, and it's great. Most of the time she can let go and just feel the good feelings. But she really wants a vagina. Luckily I love her and I'd be happy to sex her, no matter the shape of her genitals.
Actually, I am learning this on another board. I also discovered there are many, many heterosexual cross dressers. I am though, hopelessly in love with C. and so, I'm willing to see what might develop.

Thanks for your insight!
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