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Originally Posted by new2poly View Post

I do want to ask you guys something tho... if you formed a deep emotional bond with a woman, would sex be right out if you are defining yourself as "gay"? I'm not really looking for sex as penetration per se (especially since that's sort of a minor impossibility in full drag) but kissing, petting, rubbing etc... I know, it was not too long ago I was saying I didn't need that really and I would never push it... but it would be a plus.

New2poly, it's not unheard of for a woman to be w a gay man. He might be somewhat bi, and just hasnt come to terms with it. Or he might be so in love with you he realizes that your small cock (clit) is not an issue. IMO, all plumbing is the same, women just have tiny cocks, and men have their ovaries hanging outside their bodies.

Go cautiously tho, looking for a "trannie." Many transwomen who are pre-op have a lot of issues around having a cock and wish they had vaginas. Some don't even like to be touched down there. MY gf is MtF trans, and goes thru some mental gymnastics to be able to have sex. We still do, and it's great. Most of the time she can let go and just feel the good feelings. But she really wants a vagina. Luckily I love her and I'd be happy to sex her, no matter the shape of her genitals.
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