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Default Don't Be

This was all just in your head...I've found that some of the interactions I've had with women that are not my wife can be both downers and uppers. Feeling uncomfortable or some subconscious guilt may be there issue here.

I had a friend that would have sex with other women and could not keep it up for the life of him but would go home to his girl and it would be you he was cheating so that more of a blow to his conscious...but same concept regarding think of your wife in the next room....

@ redpepper- Pills dont work if you have subconscious things going on anyway...My friend found that out the hard way...took some for the reason above went all day between a few of his "sides" couldnt get and keep it up...went home in the evening got up and stayed up until the next day at work..almost had to go to the doc...
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