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@ PolyTriad-I agree that I have waited for her to make time but that is in the realm of trying to figure out how well she listens to things I want and her success on making that happen. I still feel that I should be able to mention something and still have hope that all I have to do is mention it and it will happen. I now realize that that doesn't work for her and I just don't expect that from her anymore. If I want something I have to be the one to make that happen for me or else I have noone else to blame but myself.

@SNeacail- Lack of communication is a huge thing between her and I. It is something that we struggle with so I think it is a good idea that we look at all ways to communicate so that my need with that can be met. because she is comfortable with the way communication has been with us while I have NOT been.

I do think finding new ways to communicate will be very helpful. I guess thinking outside the box
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