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Originally Posted by SvartSvensk View Post
So, as I said in a previous post, lately things have been great between my wife and I - especially sexually. I recently registered for (AMAZING site, btw), and have been in contact with a few women from there. I met one for coffee, we got along very well, definitely had some chemistry, even kissed a little, and decided to meet again last night for dinner and drinks. After a very fun evening, we returned to my place, where my wife had VERY generously given up the bed and was wrapped in a giant pile of comforter on the floor in our son's room.

Well, we ended up having lots of fun and pleasure, but I couldn't maintain an erection! I'd be fine, and then immediately following entry, nope... I never seem to have this problem with my wife, certainly not to this extent - there are sometimes periods of softening after rough parts while I catch my breath, but not like this... and didn't really with previous lovers, except that one time in college when I was WAY too drunk... I'm sure it was all in my head, probably something to do with my wife right in the next room, but dammit, what the hell!? Beautiful sexy woman? Check. Into each other? Check. Naked and in bed? Check. Comfortable with each other? Check. Foreplay? CHECK!

So, we had fun anyways, which is ultimately the important part... More oral, and with some self-stimulation on my part, I managed to finish (which I could tell she wanted), and so eventually she went home, at which point my wife came back to bed, all hot and bothered and said, "my turn". Strangely, practically all issues immediately evaporated, even though it was an encore performance.

I sure hope I'm not the only this has happened to (not that I would wish this awkardness on anyone else). Any advice on losing those kind of jitters? Should I just say eff it and get some Cialis?

For me it is called "connection before erection". I couldbarely get one with some one I don't have a real connection with. It will probably be better with more time and getting to know her.

Don't go artificial, your working fine. If you need pills to get excited enough for sex when everything is good, perhaps that is a message.

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