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Are you wifey's husband? You seem to have inside information.

Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
-For example Wifey wants to spend more time with our girlfriend she will step up and say "Girlfriend...I'd like to spend more time with you" Then she waits for Girlfriend to set up some time they can spend. Instead of saying "Girlfriend I'd like to spend some time with about Saturday evening?"
That's not that uncommon, especially with women who are only accustomed to dating men, manly men in particular. For many generations, women have been enculturated to demur, to follow the man's lead in romantic situations, and to make their wishes known in such a way as to encourage men to take the initiative. Perhaps in this situation the ladies are falling into that old dynamic, even though it no longer works. It is definitely another area where more communication between all parties is needed.

Originally Posted by polytriad View Post
You have to step up to the plate and try to hit all pitches.
That strikes me as a strong, masculine approach. It's certainly not what I was taught was appropriate behavior for ladies who are courting. Again, the possibility of old dynamics playing out when they no longer apply. I'm not saying that's necessarily what's happening, I'm just saying it's worth considering.

Oh! And it's not good baseball, either. The pitch has to be in the strike zone before a smart player will swing on it.

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