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Small update for me; things have been going well although I can't wait for this semester to end. I'm lightening my class load for spring, only taking two class- Philosophy and Anthro so I'm super excited.

I spent some alone time with Company recently and we have decided to embark on a Dom/Sub relationship, with me being the Dom. If anyone has any advice on that, please share
He is also into that with Vegeta as well but her and I don't think it will interfere much, I guess we can wait and see. Andulvar is progressing with Marius nicely, they are talking a lot more and I hope that it becomes more physical soon. It makes me so happy because a lot of the time he doesn't feel close to anyone. Andulvar and I are entertaining the thought of having Marius and Company move in with us, we would get a bigger place of course...but this does ride on Marius getting a job. Our lease is up in March so she has awhile but Company is concerned about money and it's causing some small fights with them. They had a big one recently that upset me, mostly because they were upset but they can be very cruel to one another. I heard some of the things that were said and damn....Andulvar and I fight but this is a whole new level of fighting. I hope they figure their shit out.

This Thursday we are celebrating Thanksgiving at Golden Corral because we are in the poor house and I have family obligations on the actual day. Still, should be a good time. Good times
I'm a pansexual female- married to Andulvar and dating Marius, Company and Thunder<3
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