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We didn't have a poly issue, but we did have some trust issues which we've since worked out when my hubby had to go away for 3 months with work when I was pregnant with my second daughter 3 years ago.

We set up webcams and Skype and set aside a time to talk for an hour or so every day. Sometimes it was at 5am because of his schedule and I just got up for it, or sometimes it was midnight and I waited up for him to get back to his room from his training sessions. We also sent long emails talking about everything under the sun, we would find links to articles or activities and just send a quick email asking what we thought about those things and used it as a time to reacquaint each other with what we felt about a whole load of things that weren't child/pilot training/trust issue related which was a huge help to us. It actually hugely kickstarted our intimacy and honesty while he was away, I don't know why but I'll be forever grateful for that time apart despite the fact that I cried for weeks before he went because we'd never been seperated before either.
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