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J and Quath,

Thank you for the insight. We do hope there is more from you and other members. I apologize if I put this long post in the introduction forum. Maybe it belongs elsewhere, just not sure. We are new to this and fumbling along the way.

Yes you are correct about women (and their spouses) dealing with meno-pause differently. My wife has tried discussing it with her doctor of 26 years but all he wants to do is prescribe meds. Many of her close friends have and are going thru it. They do discuss certain aspects of it but she is uncomfortable asking them about how libido has affected them before, during, and after. Her libido has been lost for awhile but now it is like a force 5 hurricane. We are social but not yet comfortable discussing this topic at a social dinner table. So we are both just curious how it has affected others that have been through it.

One thing we have observed recently is how socially acceptable it is for a spouse to cheat on their wife/husband. You hear about it almost everyday in the news, at work, church, or other social circles. But allowing and being full aware your spouse have a relationship, intimate, friendly or otherwise with another person is so taboo. Why is that?

One last question, if TK's wife does not know about this, and he is afraid to bring it up, then does that mean we are not polyamorous? Do we not belong?

Thanks, zyx5
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