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Originally Posted by wifey View Post
Ok so I will admit that I am not very vocal with her and my feelings...mainly because I am scared. I am scared to overly express how I feel and it not be returned. This is not new though. I have continously struggled with my husband and our gf's feelings for each other. He has been very out loud with how he feels for her which I understand but because of that she has in return become very confident in how he feels for her and she expresses how she feels for him also. I get that him being a man takes the lead with expression thus allowing a woman to do the same. I have struggled with how can I get her to express to me how she feels when I feel that she needs me to express to her before she will express to me and I don't like that. I dont like the feeling of her not doing something unless she has a certain level of confidence that it will be a success. She doesn't take chances. I have tried to not even look at their affection level but its hard when its in front of my face and I'm not getting the same though I have made efforts and I voice what I want specifically from her it just makes it hard when I don't get the same in return.
Hi wifey. Welcome to the forum.

This sounds to me like you and your girlfriend really need to open up the lines of communication. You are scared to fully express yourself and think she is afraid to, too. It can be scary to allow yourself to be vulnerable and open, but it is so worth it. But SOMEONE has to make the first move. Be the brave one, and take the plunge. You can do it!
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