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Originally Posted by PACouple View Post
Don't worry, we actually read your post first....timing is just amazing. Hope to hear from you soon!

Chris & Sue
Hi PaCouple - I was editing it and then it was gone... took me a minute to search for it and I guess I knew it was a only a matter of minutes before it would be moved. Grrrr Oh well, this is probably better anyway!

Hi Jodi - I wasn't a swinger in my marriage, the Hubby didn't want anything to do with that lifestyle. I got into swinging after my divorce because my good friends wanted a 3some. But we ended up being real close short of living together. But that was because of children. My children know about my lifestyle or whatever it is I'm doing. As for going out to MnG's, I have no problem as I usually know more then a few that go to them! So if you'd like to go, say the word, you can go with me! Always a fun time hanging out.

Hi mattw1970 - I'm near Gap, so we're not far off from each other. We'll all have to plan a get together and hang out! I would consider myself new to the Poly world as well. I did't really know there was a term for what I have been doing since my divorce. Most of my friends are swingers, but thats not what I'm looking for. And it seems more so these days, the site is filled with people who think getting laid makes you a swinger. Maybe so on your terms, but not mine. :-) I'm not that easy or ever a sure thing.
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