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So Passport joined the forums! Hi Passport! She's a very sweet, sweet woman and I hope she ends up liking this place. I'm still learning so much about her, and every time I hear from her I end up smiling like an idiot. Things have been pretty great.

There's a guy at work whom I'm making friends with, and he's really gotten my brain going about a number of things... resulting in the lofty goal of resurrecting my business that I put on hold when my mother was in the hospital. My brain is going a thousand miles a minute trying to remember all the old information about it and processing all of the new ideas I've had in the meantime.

There's a lot of movement in my life in general... I feel more creative, happy, motivated, and responsible. Even my husband seems to be touched by this and has been actively pursuing creative endeavors and looking into making some job changes. There's so much joy in my existence right now, and I finally feel like myself again.

Perhaps it's just the NRE. I've seen the local guy for a few dates and I think he's just my speed.
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