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Red face I think it's official

I made the mistake of texting B again after talking to H briefly about the whereabouts of our friend K...she asked if I was with him this weekend because they didn't see him. I hadn't, and we got into a small convo and I found out B was considering taking a different job within his company instead of going back to the States. This was upsetting, because it made me think that things wouldn't have worked out anyways...not if things had to be like they were...On the other hand, I was upset at J for a couple of things on Sunday and Monday, and that's when he decided to tell me "Hey by the way I don't think I'll be there when you leave for Korea." Great...perfect thing to tell me when I'm already upset. So yesterday was a hot mess, til J apologized (very sweetly) and we had another talk about where we're headed...we're both 50/50 about doing an LDR. So we're ok for now. Back to B, who said not to text him unless I wanted things to resume, texted me all day, and just sent me a couple declaring he knew who J was and called him a faggot at least a couple of times in 2 or 3 messages. Surprisingly, I just can't care anymore...just can't...and I think it's done...

So if I'm not around much, it's because right now poly isn't looking like an option for awhile...I appreciate everyone here though, for sure...I think you are awesome people!
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