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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
He feels very threatened by the idea of me having casual sex with someone else, for fear of it becoming a relationship that I can't sustain.

Another thought about how a mono mind can work.. specifically mine. His hesitancy is bare minimum a sigh that he truly cares about you. When a mono shrugs and looks at you and says "sure, you can do whatever" that's when you need to worry about how they feel about you. I think I might have been able to open up the relationship with my ex wife towards the end. Why, because I didn't love her the way I used to. My intimate connection with her had faded and I fell in love with some one else so I didn't value that part of our relationship the way I used to. I didn't need her intimacy but still loved her as a person, friend and family.

Just rambling

Just thoughts

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