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A triad almost always seems to turn into a vee. There is nothing wrong with that or scary, it just means that you have all learned and grown and are morphing into something else. You could just be going at a different pace, or not be interested in her any more... neither is bad or cause for alarm. No one goes at the same pace with partners really... triad or not. It is just how it goes. We ebb and flow with many people in our lives...

If you are wanting to end it with her then it's time to discuss new boundaries and not throw the baby out with the bath water, if you are finding that things have just slowed down for a bit then go with it and let it be... you can talk about that if you wish, but perhaps keeping it light would be best so as to realize that its nothing to worry about at the moment and that you are just a bit more in NRE with the male in your relationship...

Lord knows I am more in love with one partner over another... sometimes I'm more in love with my friend or the fall leaves than I am with any of my partners. It just is and I just let it go.. I know it comes around and I know that it doesn't mean that I want to leave, so I just muse over it and get on to loving whenever it comes up.

I would suggest doing a search on here for triads, unicorns, vees... there is a lot that might be of help to you, not to mention threads in the stickies that have been highlighted as useful... happy reading.
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