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So now my wife and I are meeting B tonight, probably for the last time. There are other issues that have come up over and above H's list. Mainly the fact that H wants sex from my wife but with none of the emotional entanglements, and my wife is very resentful that she has to "take one for the team" as she puts it. That, and that she does not have the relationship with B that she wants. She blames me for part of that, and I accept my failings. But for the most part she blames herself for not accepting B's advances, then being upset when B stopped advancing. Of course I'm summarizing but soon I will be able to speak more. But I am not confident anything will be resolved, based on B and H's reaction to her concerns, which they have waved away in the past, which made my wife even more upset.

I made a goodbye tape to B today. It was a very sad thing to do. I have never broken up with anybody in my life, and I didn't want things to end this way at all. There were so many things that I wanted to do along with B, and my wife wanted to do with B, and that the three of us wanted to do together. It's sad to think that none of those things will happen now. And what happens to us now?
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