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Default HELP!!! please...

I am new to this Forum...however my husband is an active participant and I have read several different posts.

I need help in understanding how does poly work when you start with a couple who is married then add a gf?

This is something that only I seem to have trouble with. My husband feels that we should all be equal and its expected that my feelings for her should be the same as they are for him and they just aren't. When we got married there was never an idea in my head that this is where we would end up so I have adapted.

But now I am the bad guy for stating in a conversation we were all having that the most important thing to me is my marriage and it always will be and that I will do whatever that is to keep it in tact. Now I do understand how that could be hurtful for our GF to hear but I don't understand why I should be made to feel bad. I have been with this man for 9 years, we have two kids, a dog and are very happy yet I'm wrong for wanting to preserve that.

So I need help understanding how other people make it work. I don't know if I am to even consider myself married anymore and keep wearing my wedding ring if my husband and GF are making me feel bad for still thinking that I am married with a GF! I don't get it.
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