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yes, i would like to do tht for her. i didn't think of it. i have two men who might be obliging if we hit it off well enough.

as for her doing it w/out telling him, not sure.

i'd do whatever she wanted. she's given me a gift of her husband.

they are bonded by children, and sexual routine. also, religion & family has big part in them not ending it...also, they love eachother. just that sex, isn't good for her. tbh, i have had to work w/ him to do things how i like, and vice versa, i do much of the initiating. but, we're growing & learning.

there's just this nagging situation of my friend not getting the satisfaction she deserves. she just accepts it it seems, so i don't bring it up often, just sometimes to evaluate where he's at.

i made him promise to try to get to the root of his jealousy & c if it's standing in the way of making their relationship better/stronger.
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