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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
In my experience, I've been the one who had more money and the one who had less money, and usually when you're the one with the money, you'd rather pay for someone else to have the enjoyment of having them around, because the money you'd save isn't worth having to be away from them. All the same, when you're the one with less money you do feel bad for not pulling your weight, but then you can do things for others that don't cost money in return.
I've been in both positions, and count myself lucky to be making more money right now. Both of "my" guys make considerably less, so I often find myself being the one who either pays, or asks if it's okay to do a certain activity.

Both guys like to do extra things to show they appreciate the money "aspect" that I bring to our relations. Also, when they offer to pay or contribute, I always take them up on it, because I know (from experience) how good it feels when you're the one in that position to be able to give back.

I suspect you're insecure about your money situation, and this is tainting your perception of their well-meaning concerns.

I'd suggest looking at other ways you can/do contribute to your household. I know that Indigo does the majority of the cooking for us. This is something he enjoys and has developed quite a talent for. He certainly contributes far more than I do in this respect. And I appreciate it!

Find your niche, and contribute the heck out of it, Thunder!
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