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Originally Posted by Catfish View Post
I'm not afraid of loss. Our marriage is more solid than it's ever been. We communicate better and better all the time. She truly makes me feel safe in the fact that she is my full on partner for life. So that's not the problem. I just seem to hit a wall when the subject of sex comes up. I get very uncomfortable talking about it.

What has worked for you in this situation?
Hey Catfish,

Well, what has worked for me and others I know is pretty basic.
It's just how you view the role of 'sex' from both a human perspective and within a relationship. the big deal ?

Sex is a normal, bodily function built into us.
How do you get it put up on a pedestal above so many other things we need to survive ?

If you've been around here long you've probably seen some of my food analogies. But in case not, I'll offer up the quick version again here.

Would you have some huge issue/conflict with your mate and BF going out to some new, nice restaurant and having a nice meal ? I doubt it.

But you have some issue with them going in the other room and having a nice orgasm - or 10.

Orgasms burn calories - not accumulate them.
Orgasms stimulate all the 'happy' hormones the same as a good meal does.

Happy is good - for everyone.

So where, exactly, IS the problem ?

In our head - that's where. It's all in how you view things.
We create our own reality - right ?

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