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Originally Posted by gator View Post
i was involved in a triad back in the late 70's with two young women, best friends and of the same age. we had the perfect relationship as we did everything together and shared our lives without even a hint of jealousy. we thought it would last forever. we were wrong. the AIDS pandemic struck in the early 80's creating widespread panic and almost instantly changed society's outlook on sexuality.
Hey Gator & welcome !

Yep, there was a lot of rethinking that took place during that period. Sex & relationships just part of it. But I think it was a lot more complex than the AIDS thing that wound things down.

I'd venture that it was ignorance, naivety and idealism that put the brakes on a lot of potential.

Especially the idealism.

A better model is a wonderful thing on paper (and in theory). But until you really account for all the complexity and human weakness, your model won't hold water.

And THAT is exactly what happened in many cases. And it's still happening. The minute things get a little bit rocky, people start bailing and fall back to the broken, but simpler models.

How many times do we see this surface - even on here-in the poly world ? Everyone with any considerable experience screams from the hilltops .....
"Yes - it can be a wonderful thing - but it IS a LOT more work - physically and mentally/emotionally"

We don't like real work in this modern society. Only instant fixes that money can buy. Instant gratification - no effort required.

It is what it is............for some.

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