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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
So, I reckon he told me so many deep dark secrets on our date, now he feels too exposed and is uncomfortable. Sigh... I'm too good of a listener, I guess. I'm guessing I'll never hear from him again.

Just have to get vicarious pleasure out of gf's new relationship for now.
Hey Magdlyn it may not be that way at all. He may really have had some stuff come up unexpectedly. Life happens. It may not be personal to you or your relationship give it a little time before you dump the relationship completely. I find that I save myself much squirrel caging if I take the my guys at face value and don't suppose anything extra. I am sorry you were disappointed by his no show but at least he let you know something. If he didn't care about you he wouldn't have answered a text at all. Keep us posted. Good Luck and Have a great day.
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