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Alone time is essential for me! I'm sound sensitive so I need that time where there is absolutely NO noise other than what nature provides!

Take yesterday as an example. It was Breathes' birthday so the four of us spent it with his family. We went bowling. Not my favorite place to be because of the sound level. Then off to his mom's place for pizza and cake. A whole afternoon filled with noise! My kids are extremely talkative, Breathes is talkative, his mom is talkative, his sister not so much (she probably couldn't get a word in edgewise! lol) Sound wears me out, I become exhausted. I need time where there is no sound in order to reconnect with myself.

It's hard to come by in a small apartment, that's for sure. I manage but it isn't always what I totally need. Sometimes it's me zoning in front of the computer, turning everything else around me off mentally.

Escaping to the bedroom does have to happen & the shut door policy is in effect.

Opps, just remembered an errand to run before work. Later.
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