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Default Hey there!

Hi! I'm an 18-year old female from California. About 4 months ago I began seeing a male/female couple I met online through a dating website. We met up for casual friendship and a physical relationship, but really ended up falling for each other. So I've stumbled happily into a triangle. It has been an amazing relationship so far, though we do have our quarrels every now and then, and sometimes lifestyle differences make things a little difficult (I am 18, and they are 26 and 27). Anyhoo, I look forward to meeting you all, talking about relationships, and supporting each other!

(EDIT: I am especially interested in talking to other people involved in a triangle. Although I have the utmost respect for people in "V"s, quads, etc. the dynamics of a mutual 3-way relationship are unique and often challenging. One main reason of mine for joining this forum is for support from other people in a similar situation. Though I do love to hear stories of other kinds of relationships and very much value those people's advice and experiences!)

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