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Cool double standard

has anyone known a person that wouldn't allow their partner to have sex with another change his/her mind over time?

i'm wondering if there is any hope for my couple.

after 6 months, my friends husband/my bf, still feels uncomfortable with her being able to either swing or have a boyfriend. he is content as my boyfriend however.

i have asked him to think about the root of his jealousy or fears. he knows this a double standard. my friend, she's generous, feels no jealousy and it's as if she almost accepts it bcz, "it's how he is". but, she is not one to just listen and accept. they've been married over 15 yrs. i wish there was something i could do to have my friend experience a new lover. i know that her husband/my bf is scared that he won't compare to another man, e.g. penis size, his ability to give her orgasms. also, he would feel anger and jealousy, he's told me.

thanks for reading. please share any thoughts or opinions.
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