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Default Choices.

Hello everyone, this is Lily. This has been so, so helpful. I reiterate Arpeggi's gratitude.
We were discussing (as we find ourselves doing frequently these days) our options, and thought it would be helpful to post the ones we've thought of and their consequences, to see if anyone had any other ideas, or input toward one of the options.

-We continue as we are, without Dahlia.
We've tried this route for a while now, thinking it would be the least painful in the end, but time has healed nothing. We've realized that it will be extremely hard to find happiness when he doesn't have her in his life.
-Dahlia reenters his life.
My dear Arpeggi refuses to take this route for my sake at the moment. It would bring a smile to his face for a while, for which I would be glad. I would be, as he knows, willing to try this option again at any point. However, try as I might, I don't know if I could handle it any better than last time, and I was really a wreck. With a lot more strength on my part than I can imagine mustering, maybe we could all (though I can't speak for Dahlia) find ourselves happy on this route. I only hope that I can find it with time, but as we found out, "trial by fire" probably isn't the way to find it.
-We all go our seperate ways.
Double the sadness on Arpeggi's part, and personally, I would rather keep trying the last option, no matter how much of a struggle it proves for me, than this one.
-Arpeggi goes with Dahlia, and I leave quietly.
I suggested this in the case that there was a chance that it would be an improvement on the situation we find ourselves in, but we came to the conclusion that it would be just the same.

If there are any other options out there, or anything we've overlooked, please, please let us know. Your understanding hearts have meant more than I could say. Thank you all with all of my thanks,
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